GYM Roller Press Gearbox

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GYM Roller Press Gearbox

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Between the two roller presses which rotate in two opposite directions, small dry particles bear extremely high pressure. The fine particle materials are crushed into powder or uniform shapes. In the cement industry, the roller press can be applied to raw material, pre-grinding, and finally cement grinding. In the mining industry (copper mine, gold mine, diamond mine, and so on), the roller press is usually installed at the front of other grinders. NGC always provides the reliable drive devices for those customers.


Technical Data

Specification: 21
Stage: 2 or 3, 1st. gear pair with parallel axes (configuring according to specific requirements) + 2nd.planetary gear pair + 3rd. planetary gear pair
Driving speed ratio: maximum i=125
Rated output torque: P=200,000 N.m ~3,200,000 N.m



Optimized meshing accuracy of gears, lower noise, and high efficiency;
Gearbox and planetary frame are analyzed and optimized by FEM, ensuring deformation during operational processes is reduced and more stabilized;
Secured manufacturing quality and higher reliability.
Space is saved thanks to a compact drive device design;
Provide complete sets of gearbox, torque reaction moment arm system, coupler and oil supply system.
Convenient to install and detach by special design and the shrinking discs;


Applicable Fields

Applied to crushing materials and ores at different stages of manufacturing cement in industries, such as cement, mine, etc.


Typical Cases

GYM20P2NX used for 5,000 T/d cement production line of Luquan Dingxin, grinding raw materials, and supporting roller press of Tianjin Court.
GYM18P2NX used for slag grinding production line of Rizhao Steel, grinding steel slag for smelting, and supporting roller press of Nanjing Court.
GYM18P2NX used for Pu ‘er 5,000 T/d cement production line of Kunming Steel, pre-grinding cement, and supporting roller press of Nanjing Court.