JS series chain conveyor gearbox

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JS series chain conveyor gearbox

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JS series chain conveyor gearbox is a hard-surface heavy-duty gearbox researched and developed by NGC after many years of exploration and accumulation, including chain conveyor gearbox and crusher gearbox. This product series is designed according to an advanced design philosophy and manufactured using leading international manufacturing equipment according to strict corporate manufacturing standards. They therefore boast high reliability and high bearing capacity, and are especially suited to underground coal mines or similar poor working conditions. The chain conveyor gearbox can be used with working plane inclination angles up to 30° and at maximum walking angle of 20°, with the large-power chain conveyor gearbox being lubricated using an oil pump to ensure safe lubrication on inclines. The maximum input power of the chain conveyor gearbox is 1,600 kW, with maximum output torque of 850 kN.m. Horizontal installation of chain conveyor gearbox is achieved using a three-level structure of bevel gears, cylindrical gears and planetary gears, and vertical installation is achieved using a two-level planetary gear structure. The crusher gearbox is horizontally installed using drive from single-level bevel gears, and can be used when the maximum inclination angle of working plane is 3°. The chain conveyor gearbox can be specially designed and produced according to actual user requirements.


Technical Data

Specification: 22
Transmission power: 40 kW~1,600 kW
Range of speed ratio: 3.5~40



Suitable for the critical working conditions of the underground mines via highly efficient cooling system.
Excellent cost-performance ratio
High driving efficiency
Compact design
Low noise
High load capacity
High reliability



Chain conveyor scraper
Chain conveyor loading device
Chain conveyor crushing device


Application References

2013: Shandong Energy Group, Shandong Longgu Coal Mine
2013: Shandong Energy Group, Shaanxi Shuiliandong Coal Mine
2014: Shijiazhuang Zhongmei Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd., Hulun Buir Shengli Coal Mine
2014: Jiaozuo Shenhua Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Baoyushan Mine, fully mechanized mining equipment SGZ630/264 of Baoyushan Mine