Reducer for mine belt conveyor

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Reducer for mine belt conveyor

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The JS and MQ series reducers for mine belt conveyor are developed for hard flank cranes applied worldwide with high load capacity, high efficiency and good cost-performance ratio。The products in this series include helical gearboxes and gearboxes of bevel gear-helical gears. Designed by modules, the gearboxes are with less components to realize the short lead time.


Technical Data

Model: JS,MQ
Specification: JS series: 018~3300, MQ series: 02~140
Nominal power: up to 4,500 kW
Transmission ratio i = 12.5~100



Higher load capacity and lower noise
High driving efficiency
Modular design
Root fillets are shot to increasing bending strength
Special sealing design with better anti-leak performance
Excellent cost performance ratio



Driving of mine belt conveyor


Application References

Zaozhuang Mining (Group) Co. , Ltd.
Shangdong Energy Machinery Group Co. , Ltd.
Yongcheng Coal & Electricity(Group)Co. , Ltd.